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They Own Boston's Journal
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Thursday, November 2nd, 2006
3:33 am
2 days.
9 cold approaches = 9 number closes. 100% kill rate.
11 facebook appraches = so far 7 number closes and 2 dates scheduled.
2:34 am
Conversation on aim
her - ive been americanized
her - im a weird mixture of both cultures
me - yeah
me - what a shame
her - ha
her - hey im not thaat bad
Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
8:35 pm
So Rogik is absolutely right about Halloween... it's the one time of year that 'good' girls can dress as slutty as they'd like to show off that ass they've been dieting, toning, and tanning. It's also the one time of the year that guys can not so subtly pretend to be someone that they want to be, or reveal their true self, via their costumes. So as whom did I masquerade? Myself, of course.

So the party itself was pretty good. We partied VIP style in an exclusive penthouse on the top floor of a luxury apartment building overlooking the whole Back Bay area. The free drinks (though limited to Ketel One or Patron haha) were a nice touch, although the bartenders pretty much poured straight booze with little mixer. The best part was all the hot girls that outnumbered the guys several times over. My favorite costume was Lara Croft, as you can see in the pictures.

Anyway, I opened the night talking to some girls from Detroit dressed as baseball players (4, 7, and 8). They were cool, but I wasn't feeling them. Props to the guy dressed as Waldo though. The next set was this 'Hell's Angel' and his 'bitch.' Original costume, but the guy tried to AMOG me from the start. If his 7.5-8 'bitch' wasn't wearing 2 pounds of make-up I may have pursued further. After that I went to the bar had shot some Patron (love that stuff), then went back to Mook and Rogik to scope out the rest of the scene. This was when we met a solid 9, with her disposition 9.5, girl dressed as Lara Croft. We chatted, took some pictures, but she seemed a bit tipsy and had the attention span of a Ritalin-starved 6th grader. After waiting and talking with some friends I hadn't expected to see there, I saw a 2 set with two 8s, a tall good-looking brunette dressed as Audrey Hepburn and a short, cute blonde. We immediately clicked and there seemed to be almost instant rapport. I literally talked to them for 15 minutes straight up before I realized I hadn't set any sort of precedent for me talking to them. I excused myself to get a drink, but they 'instinctively' followed me to the bar. I put a shot of Patron in front of them, and watched as they chick-coded each other that they trusted me. Around that time we had to clear out to go to a Halloween bash at a nearby club... so I grabbed the blonde girl's number as the brunette walked off for a moment. Then Mook, Oleg, and I rejoined to head out for more fun.

The club was packed, but we got in the front of the line because we're simply amazing. Unfortunately, however, Rogik and the same brunette from before got in before Mook and I. Right at that moment the GM came out and ordered the doors closed b/c the cops were inside and it was at capacity. After about 10 minutes I saw the host from the party, and he signaled me to join his small group right in front of the door. He quietly spoke to the doorman who then let us in and comp'ed us too ;). Immediately I scanned the club... hot girls everywhere and very little room. We made our way to the private VIP room where it was Grey Goose, skimpy Halloween costumes, and quite a sight to behold. Then I heard a familiar voice, as Rogik called me to come up to the table. I went up and to my surprise I saw the same brunette from the party. Immediately she kinoed and began to dance on/around me. It took about 2 minutes before I had non-verballed (i.e. triangular gazing, licking the lips) for a kiss. This cutie moved forward as did I. We pretty much alternated between that and dancing for 10 minutes. At this point I knew that I had an f-close so I led her by the arm to a quieter section of the club. Here was the dialogue...

Me: "Haha, you dance pretty well. Better than I thought."
Her: "What does that mean," rather coyly.
Me: "Don't worry about it, listen, I need to wake up early tomorrow so let's head out of here."
Her: "Uh, I'm not sure... hold on one sec."
Me: "No, listen... I'm going outside anyway to cool down and then go somewhere else. I'll give you two minutes to find me, and then I'm gone."
Her: "...Okay..."
Me: (Gazing into her eyes and holding her gloved hand) ”I trust you, be outside in 2 minutes."

I then immediately walked away giving no chance (though very small at this point) for her to object. I went outside, and sure enough1 minute later she walked outside and looked around for me. Ironically she couldn't see me because some enormous SUV got between us (I was on the other side of the street). As she began to walk around I called out and the conversation went like this.

Me: "I see that I didn't misplace my trust..."
Her: "I thought you might have left me," almost panicked.
Me: "Not tonight. Here, there's a cab."

The funny part was that the only cock-block I got that night was from a deaf pan-handler that ambushed my cab hahaha. Anyway, she asked to go to my place, which I obliged. From there, well, this is where my Kiss-Don't tell policy implements itself. I will say however, that I was extremely tired the next day; I learned that she was a marathon runner... So that was my Halloween, a damn good night all around.
7:21 pm
7:20 pm
First report
First report ;)

Ok... what do you think about Halloween? I bet it is costumes, pumpkins, treak or treat etc.
But its wrong. It is all about girls who actually have a chance to go offlimits and show what they actually are.

I did not plan to go out during the week after craziest and disgustingly tiring weekend... But a girl with whom I work and who is seeing (meaning fucking) one of the biggest/richest wanna-be-pimp guys in town, called me up and invited to the party.
It is a common practice for him to throw craziest parties in his Penthouse, but usually he does not allow guys there, it is 99% females. My friend invited me because she wanted to run natural jealousy plot line on that dude, by hanging out with me :)
That makes life easier - she is a good social proof and knows everyone around.
The crew consisted of Mook, Burberi and me.

I will omit uninteresting pre-party details.
When we entered the penthouse venue, I was actually susrprised by a good ratio, approximatelly 6 to 1.
We started work.
I was back in my male-prize model, mostly playing with non-verbalics and pushing girls into approaching me. Got opened 5 or 6 times by very doable girls. They mostly were trying to guess what is my costume.
When Mook ejected from his n-closed set we continued working around - 5-6 more sets opened. Burberi got into a deep set and got some good attraction going there. We tried to help, everything was very cool.

Speaking about whole situation. There were a bunch of looser investment bankers there with large bellies and no sense of game or style. The host of the party was like them, but he actually is used to get sex from golddiggers, who are trying to get a multibillion marriage-divorse cash prize.
So we had no competition. Getting IOIs from everywhere it was extremely easy to open and game any girl there.

Around 11 everybody went to a nearby club Rumor.
Sticking with the host I got in without any problems. Mook and Burberi had some shit. In the end Burberi got in, but Mook went home.

Inside the club we had 3 head tables and shitload of greygooze on them.
Lots of girls, gold-diggers... For some reason everybody thought that I'm the host of the party :) Maybe because I behaved like one :)

I created perfect social proof. Several girls from my school tried to make out with me, i refused, it bumped up the temperature.

Then one of the hottest girls in the club, who is also from my school came up to me, put her hand on my minimi and asked how is he doing.
She got a reply. Too bad bathrooms are guarded by different club douche-bags.

Suddenly I see the girl that I opened today in my class. A very hot asian mix (my asian fewer has been progressing recently).
She was with a friend. Freshman, but already digging.
Too bad for her.
Couple negs
Then she is like "oh I need to go to the bathroom, how can i get back to VIP?"
me - you can call me
her - I don't have your number
me - you can write it down
her - no, you will call me and I will get your number
me - I never take girls numbers. You like me - you call me ;)
In the end she did not take my number and left to the bathroom. When she came back and got shit returning to VIP she got my number from somewhere called and asked to help her.

To make the story shorter... Took her and her friend to my place.
Burberi got a girl he gamed back at the first party.

This is how we roll.
7:20 pm
Let's begin
Let's begin :)
This blog will be talking about adventures of a group of young, smart and cool guys in Boston and all around the world. They all have mastered the art of seduction, so called venusian arts.

We will begin with introduction.
My nickname is Rogik. Being born under the glorious USSR, i happened to go through a lot of good bad and neutral shit in my life.
Ended up in one of Boston's schools, studying females, art of partying, and just teaching everyone around how to be a pimp lol.

Being an adept of russian style RMES school of seduction, and having friends who are MM and theApproach insiders I'm working on synthesizing my own, original and much more european style of fucking around in the US.

My posts will be talking about everything, and I'm telling you - just wait until winter break to see what is real life in Ukraine - from where I will be posting illustrated shit ;)

Anyways I'll end with RMES motto - "СИСЬКИ!!!" (meaning boobs).

ps. sorry for perfect english
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